Jordi discovered Photography at the age of 13 while working as an apprentice in a graphic studio. Later, he was self-taught by working in the mornings in photographic laboratories and, in the afternoons, he went out to photograph everything that attracted him with a second-hand camera.

Five years later, his first exhibition did encourage his career (1975).

He worked taking photo reports of concerts and as a creator for Underground magazines’ covers, vinyl and posters. Meanwhile, his personal project ‘Color hand’ (manually colored photographs with an illustration technique) was being exhibited in national and European galleries.

In 1979, he co-founded ‘Extra!’; a team of three photographers with whom he made an extensive monographic documentary about a travelling circus in Spain. “El circo está aquí!” Was the title of the exhibition which derived from that photo report (with more than 400 photos), inspired by the the North American FSA’s photographers. Thirty years later, it would be partly exhibited at Macba, Barcelona (2012).

Without leaving aside his creative work, in 1983, he began his intense professional work as a food and publicity specialized photographer. Jordi always combines his job with different personal projects such as portrait, reportage, travel photography and other diverse publications.

A part from exhibiting in numerous national and international galleries, Jordi has also been awarded. His photo projects range from topics such as the “Contemporary Urban Antropology” with more than 800 portraits of tattooed people, going through “White objects”, “Mortvida”, to “Abyssalis” (a collection of creative photography about abyssal fauna) etc.

About his personality we could highlight his observation of details, the meticulous care of his photos and his constant dedication to start new creative projects … And, most importantly, Jordi keeps taking photos… ¡what an unstoppable photographer!


Nikon Gallery, (Barcelona)

Individual Exibitions *Color-hand Series
Spectrum/Canon Gallery (Barcelona)
Spectrum/Canon Gallery (Zaragoza-Spain)
Spectrum/Canon Gallery (Ibiza-Spain)
IL Diaframma/Canon Gallery (Milan-Italy)
Arte/Fiera 77 (Bolonia-Italy)
Expo-Arte 77 (Sabadell-Barcelona)
Caracas Photographic Fototeca (Caracas)
8º Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie d ́Arles (France)
Galeria Tau (Sant Celoni – Barcelona)

IL Diaframma/Canon Gallery (Roma-Italy)
IL Sestante Gallery (Verona-Italy)
Art 9 ́78 Basel (Switzerland)
Arte/Fiera 78 (Bologna-Italy)
Fiolet Gallery (Amsterdam)
The Photographer ́s Gallery (London)
Fnac Gallery(Paris)
The Witkin Gallery (New York)

Redor/Canon Gallery (Madrid-Spain)
Public Collections of the French National Library (Paris-France)
Project: “The Circus is here!”

CIFB “International Center of Photography in Barcelona” (Barcelona)
Frederic Bazille Gallery, Montpellier (France)

1981. Fontana D ́Or Gallery, Girona (Barcelona)

1982. Banco Exterior de España Gallery Collective exhibition “Catalunya vista desde l ́exterior” (Barcelona)

1983. Cultural Center of Terrassa Gallery exhibition: “The Circus is here!(Barcelona)

1986. Maeght Gallery Colective exhibition of Formiguera private collection (Barcelona)

1997. Monastery of Veruela in Tarazona (Zaragoza-Spain)Series “Mórvida”

2003. Festival Castellbisbal Photography , exhibition:“Photographers Time,1975-1978”(Barcelona)

2006. “Arc en ciel” series, Lux´s Professional Photography Awards (Barcelona)

2007. “Abyssalys” series, Lux´s Professional Photography Awards (Barcelona)

2008. “Muai Thai” series, Lux´s Professional Photography Awards (Barcelona)

Loquillo, R&R ́Star Documental exhibition.
Signo ́s 5 Gallery (Santander- Spain )
International Tattoo Expo.(Barcelona)
FNAC Gallery, Maquinista (Barcelona)

FNAC Gallery, Parque Sur (Madrid-Spain)
 / FNAC Gallery, Plaza Norte (Madrid-Spain)
 / St.Juan de Dios Church of Montilla (Cordoba-Spain)

2012. MACBA, Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (Barcelona) exhibition: “The Circus is here!”

2013. IL Mondo Gallery (Barcelona)
 “Visual-trajectory of Jordi Garcia”

2013. Barcelona Visions Gallery, Collective exhibition.(Barcelona)

2015.(MNCARS) National Museum Center of Art Reina Sofia de Madrid, (Color-hand) photo colecction of Museum. Madrid

2015. Anáglifos Art Factory Gallery, exhibition: “Abyssal Zone”

2016. Galeria Espai de Fotografía Francesc Català Roca Gallery, colective exhibition of Catalán photographers: “Classics Contemporanis II ” (Barcelona)

2018 La Virreina, Centre de la imatge “La fotografía creativa en Catalunya 1973-1982” (Barcelona)

2019 Galeria Tau 1976-1979 (Sant Celoni – Barcelona)

2021 First gold prize in the Professional Photography Contest of Spain LUX 2021

2022 Finalist in the Pink Lady food photography awards in the UK